The Fig District

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The Fig District: Some Buildings In Downtown Santa Barbara, by Jeff Shelton

192 Pages
11.5 x 9.5 inches

In this colorful and vibrant new book, Architect Jeff Shelton recounts the stories behind the celebrated and playful bunch of downtown Santa Barbara buildings that exist within walking distance of each other and of his Fig Avenue office. Packed with sketches, drawings and paintings, from early concepts to final elevations, The Fig District offers a glimpse into Jeff’s philosophy and design process, while Jason Rick’s beautiful photos reveal each building’s unique hand-crafted elements. The book details Jeff’s love of the pencil and hand-drafting, his creative approach to navigating Santa Barbara’s strict design standards, and the unusually fluid design process that occurs when adventurous clients meet an informally-formed group of local builders and craftspeople, aka the Merry Band of Artisans.

The Fig District contains a hand-drawn map and can be used as a companion on a leisurely walking-tour through Santa Barbara’s downtown. Buildings explored include El Jardin, Cota Street Studios, El Zapato, the Vera Cruz builiding, the Ablitt Tower, El Andaluz, and the Pistachio House, and a fond farewell to Casa Blanca Restaurant.

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