Virtual Authors Discussion: Lauren Schneider, Bambi Corso-Steinmeyer and Walter Berry

Please join us for an enlightening virtual evening with Lauren Schneider, Bambi corso-Steinmeyer and Walter Berry on Thursday, October 14 at 7 p.m.



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After 35+ years of a psycho-spiritual practice developing and using Tarotpy,® author Lauren Z. Schneider believes her timing could not be better to release her book. Tarotpy: It’s All In The CardsA Pathway to Inner Wisdom, Divine Guidance, and Profound Healing, is an essential resource for therapists and growth seekers alike for the application of tarot cards in their therapy sessions and personal contemplative practices.

Tarotpy incorporates psychotherapy — including hypnotherapy and dreamwork — with the use of tarot, SoulCards, Dream Cards and other symbolic imagery. Tarotpy accesses unconscious inner resources and imagination for insight, guidance, and healing.Like meditation and dreamwork, Tarotpy also connects to higher consciousness. Through the magic of synchronicity, Tarotpy opens a portal to an invisible mastermind and mystical awareness.

Tarotpy: It’s All In The Cards offers inspirational stories and techniques as a teaching tool intended for health care practitioners, tarot enthusiasts and people who know nothing about tarot. Beyond the aha of traditional psychotherapy, the book presents Tarotpy as an awe-inspiring experience.

For over three decades, Lauren Z. Schneider has evolved an innovative approach to spiritual psychotherapy which integrates psychotherapy, dream work, and metaphysical tools. Tarotpy and dreamwork help clients access their inner wisdom and higher consciousness for guidance, creative problem solving and healing. Lauren lectures worldwide and facilitates trainings, workshops and on-going dream and Tarotpygroups for therapists and laypersons.

Interweaving psychology and imagery has been Lauren’s consistent passion throughout her academic and career pursuits. Lauren studied semiology abroad in Paris, which looks at movies through the lens of psychoanalysis. and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from U.C. Berkeley in film theory. She obtained her license in Family Systems Therapy in 1989.

With her husband, Sascha Schneider, Lauren produced and edited an award-winning documentary, “Chuppa: The Wedding Canopy,” that explores how the trauma of the holocaust and the resilience of love is transmitted through generations. She continues to facilitate healing ancestral trauma through her work with dreams and Tarotpy.

Tarotpy is published in the “Encyclopedia of Sleep and Dreams.” Her chapter on “Eco-Dreaming: The Whale’s Tale,” is included in EcoTherapy: Healing with Nature in Mind, edited by Linda Buzzell and Craig Chalquist.

Lauren and her husband live in Santa Barbara where she maintains a private practice as well as training institute.






Your dreams offer an internal guidance system that can transform your life. In DreamTracking, Bambi Corso-Steinmeyer teaches you how to pay attention to your dreams. You will gain insight
and awareness that will help you in all aspects of your life—mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. The techniques described in this book can help you to make better choices and
decisions, improve your health and relationships, generate creativity, and even reconnect you to the deepest desires and callings of your soul.
Going beyond mere dream interpretation, DreamTracking explores how your images are unique to you, the dreamer. Using Bambi’s DreamTracking principles, you will learn what to look for in
dreams, how to find meaning in the information you are receiving, and how to integrate what you learn into your life. She describes how you can deepen your dreamwork skills by incorporating
curiosity, your senses, intuition, instincts and synchronicity. More than twenty-five examples of actual dreams illustrate how dream images leave "tracks" that
you can follow. As your journal your dreams you will begin seeing patterns, correlating imagery, and repeating emotions, scenarios, actions, people, and animals. By following the tracks of your
dreams, you will learn to work with your dreams in an expansive way. As you build a relationship with your dream life, you allow your dream images to inform you like a trusted
friend. Your dreams are a portal through which you can tap into your own enormous power by uncovering the hidden gems within you.



Bambi Corso-Steinmeyer

Bambi’s passion and exploration of dreamwork spans more than forty years, and she has journaled thousands of her own dreams. Working with her dreams for so many years has given

her tremendous insight into every aspect of her life. Knowing the immense guidance and wisdom available through dreamwork, she is committed to teaching others how to work with and

understand their dreams for personal transformation and growth. By bringing consciousawareness to dreams, people can live more passionate, purposeful, and authentic lives.

Bambi serves on the Southern California Regional Committee of the International Association for the Study of Dreams. She was a review editor for the  Dream Network Journal for nine years

and  is  a  Law of Attraction certified coach.  In addition, she is a contributing author to thebook 101 Great Ways to Enhance Your Career. She is an avid lover of animals and nature and

advocates for their well-being, survival, and conservation. Bambi lives in southern California with her husband, Bill and their cat Nanook.

Please visit Bambi’s website at



Draw your dream and understand whaSynt it means!
When you draw a simple sketch of a dream (no artistic talent is needed- stick figures and splotches of color will do), then work with it by finding associations with the symbols and emotions the dream and the drawing contain, you will understand what your dreams are trying to tell you! 
And they always have something to say.
In this delightful book filled with stories from the author’s life, career and his encounters with thousands of dreams he has worked, Walter Berry, a master dreamworker, introduces us to the process of drawing the dream.





The author of Drawn into the Dream, Walter Berry is a certified dream worker based in Los Angeles, California. He conducts a weekly dream group which has been featured in the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times.
He is one of the authors of “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams and Premonitions” and has written magazine articles for Dreamtime Magazine.
He has been a guest lecturer at Harvard University, The California Institute for the Arts and The California Institute of Integral Studies.
He is a regular contributor to Kelly Sullivan Walden’s “The Ask Doctor Dream” radio show and appears on various radio programs speaking about dreams.

He teaches dream workshops internationally and has been a keynote presenter at an International Association for the study of Dreams conference.

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