Author Elayne Klasson Launches Love is a Rebellious Bird on February 5, 7 p.m.




Please join us at Chaucer's Bookstore on Wed, February 5th as we welcome debut novelist, Elayne Klasson, with her new book entitled, Love is a Rebellious Bird.

Who is it we love and why do we love these people? Toward the end of her life, Klasson's main character, Judith, asks these questions, trying to understand why she chose Elliot Pine to love. Why, for sixty years, did she persist in loving someone who never gave as much as he was given? In her quest for understanding, she writes her story to this exceptional man. Meeting as children in Chicago, they move to opposite coasts. Elliot embarks on a remarkable legal career in Washington and New York while, after tragedy, Judith raises her children alone in California. Coming together again and again throughout their lives, their love is never equal, Elliot defining the terms of the relationship. Her feelings for this man cost her, impinged on every other relationship in her life: friends, her two husbands, even her three children. After sixty years, however, it all changes. Judith makes one more profound sacrifice, finally achieving a sort of long-awaited happiness in her love

“A beautifully written tale of enduring love by a master storyteller.”— Jill G. Hall, author of The Black Velvet Coat & The Silver Shoes

"Klasson fills every scene she can with thought-provoking reflections on the nature of love, family, and romance. A surprisingly complex and realistic love story delicately narrated by an endearing protagonist." -- Kirkus Reviews

"Elayne Klasson's artistic and compassionate novel Love is a Rebellious Bird focuses on a lifelong love affair. . . an operatic, enduring, and subtle romance." -- Foreword Reviews

Klasson grew up on the Northside of Chicago. She went to university and graduate school in the Midwest--Ohio State University and the University of Michigan where she earned a Masters of Public Health and then a PhD in Psychology. Her professional career was largely in academia at San Jose State University, with her research and clinical area of expertise being the severely mentally ill. A recent transplant to the Santa Ynez Valley, near Santa Barbara, she is a popular lifestyle newspaper columnist there.

Event date: 
Wednesday, February 5, 2020 - 7:00pm
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3321 State Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93105