Psychological emotional intelligence and self-esteem in adolescent boys and girls (Paperback)

Psychological emotional intelligence and self-esteem in adolescent boys and girls By Singh Dheerja Cover Image
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INTRODUCTION History shows that before world war - II psychology has three distinct missions:  Curing mental health  Making the lives of all people more productive and fulfilling  Identifying and nurturing high talent Right after the world war, two events both economic changed the face of psychology in 1946 the Veteran administration was founded and thousands of psychologists found out that they could make a living treating mental illness. At that time the professions of clinical psychologist come in to its own and in 1947, the national Institute of Mental health was founded. This arrangement brought many substantial benefits, there may be many advances in the understanding of and therapy of mental illness, at least some disorders, previously taken as untreatable can now either be cured or considerable relieved (Seligman, 1994). On the downside the other two fundamental missions were forgotten. Thus psychology becomes a victimology. Human beings were seen as passive foci on which external reinforcement either weekend a strengthened responses. Psychology focus in research was on psychological disorder and the negative effects of environmental stressors such as parental divorce, death grief, physical and sexual abuse. Practitioners went about treating illness within the diseases patient framework of repairing damaged drives, childhood and damaged brain. A realization that downed upon many psychologists was that were negative emotion taken to be as authentic and positive emotion as derived from it. Possible exclamations were given for it. Firstly negative emotion,

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