Effect of personality and eye relaxation practices on visual acuity (Paperback)

Effect of personality and eye relaxation practices on visual acuity By Lekshmi K Cover Image
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Vision is our most important tool for understanding and organizing the events in the external world in which we are moving and thus an inseparable means o f obtaining experience and knowledge. Our sense organs provide us with a variety of information all the time. The most effective among our sense organs are our eyes. We depend on eyes and the images they provide us for thinking, remembering, planning and almost all our activities. Earlier man used to work only by day and the work involved hunting that utilizes distant vision, here the eyes are more or less at a state of rest. His eyes also had rest at night. Development in science and technology left us with all the efficient gadgets from electric lights to computers which serve us day and night, leaving little time for our eyes to rest and relax. The numerous hours o f work as well as entertainment involving television viewing, computers and reading has increased the strain on our eyes at terrific magnitudes. Blurred vision and dependency on spectacles or contact lens are a common occurrence. Defective vision is more prevalent today than any other time. Studies show (WHO media centre, 2002) that, globally, in 2002 more than 161 million had low vision. Refractive ailments are not included implying that the actual magnitude of visual ailments is much greater; emphasizing the significance of a study aimed at reducing the strain on the eyes through relaxation.

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