Mukbang (Paperback)

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Kim Delorme is uninterested in the world beyond her computer screen, instead living on a diet of video games, early 2000s Internet videos, and fads. It's not long before she discovers mukbangs, a voyeuristic world where people overeat in front of the camera. Intrigued, she throws herself into the ring to challenge the reigning queen, Misha Fa tas. But a horrifying incident halts her ascension, creating a shock wave that affects everyone in her life.

Mukbang is a grimy, shocking, and darkly funny dive into our relationships with food, self-image, and intimacy. True to its subject matter, Mukbang is sprinkled with QR codes throughout, each leading to an image, reference or video that enhances and adds context to the narrative.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781773901183
ISBN-10: 1773901184
Publisher: Linda Leith Publishing
Publication Date: September 10th, 2022
Pages: 179
Language: English