Still (Paperback)

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still is about alienated interiority. It begins with a body, with materiality that slowly morphs, extends, spills, and oozes non-linearity. A self-withdrawn, hidden presence: silent inactivity, affective and extractive capitalism, surveillance and commodification of behaviour, non-participation, withdrawn complicity, non-subjectivity and refusing a gaze, paralysis in time of crisis, what non-doing does. still proposes an alternative to action, a way to un-be or to cease, a way to be the wrench in the cogs of the machine, a way to jam the signal by refusing receptivity. This book disclaims language, writes without writing, divests in itself, is non-living for unlife. This book begins and ends in emptiness.

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ISBN: 9781772012859
ISBN-10: 1772012858
Publisher: Talonbooks
Publication Date: May 11th, 2021
Pages: 128
Language: English