Dare to Live Greatly: The Courage to Live a Powerful Christian Life (Hardcover)

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2020 Nonfiction Authors Association "Gold" Award

"You're a God-fearing warrior who stands up for his Christian beliefs You're truly a breath of fresh air in our crazy society today." -- Medal of Honor Gold Star Family Member

Are you thriving with strong faith no matter how dire the circumstances? Do you run away from your fears - or to them? Better yet, what gives your life meaning?

In today's world, it's becoming tougher to live an unswerving Christian life.

In fact, in Dare to Live Greatly, L.C. (Larry) Fowler, a graduate of Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL (BUD/S) Class 89, argues that to follow Christ today requires Navy SEAL-like toughness.

This I promise: No matter how dire the circumstances, a SEAL will never give up--nor should any Christian.

Obviously, this is not just another SEAL book. No other book juxtaposes Christian living to something as demanding as Hell Week, Tijuana mudflats, and Navy SEAL training in Coronado, California.

Dare To Live Greatly demands every man and woman must have the grit, courage, and tough-as-nails perseverance as a Navy SEAL in training to live the Christian life today. As you can imagine, having the guts to live as a Christian is not for the faint at heart.

To survive this unnerving training you have to be physically tenacious, mentally robust, and prepared to die, if necessary. Dare to Live Greatly is a powerful uncensored Christian living book about inspirational faith that proves everyone is called to be a victorious warrior in life.

When Larry Fowler became a Navy SEAL BUD/S trainee, he could barely swim. Nevertheless, he somehow survived "Hell Week" and graduated Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL training Class 89.

If this man can survive BUD/S, you can boldly thrive where you're at right now. In his inspirational book, Dare to Live Greatly, he reveals how faith is continuous, action-packed, and an adventure.

These chapters will demonstrate:

- Actionable Christian leadership steps toward living a stronger Christian life
- Importance of knowing and living your God-given purpose every day
- Find more courage to be a brave Christian during tough times could be no better nonfiction Christian book for confidence
- Avoid being a faith coward with too much worry
- Discover how SEAL training will energize your Christian living faith And much more...

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- Favorite Christian living book for women
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- Leading nonfiction Christian inspirational book
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Publication Date: November 21st, 2019
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