Ms. Adventure: My Wild Explorations in Science, Lava, and Life (Compact Disc)

Ms. Adventure: My Wild Explorations in Science, Lava, and Life Cover Image
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As a volcanologist, natural hazards expert, and founder of Blueprint Earth, Jess Phoenix has dedicated her life to scientific exploration. Her career path--hard-earned in the still male dominated world of science--has shoved her headlong into deep-sea submersibles, congressio­nal races, glittering cocktail parties at Manhattan's elite Explorers Club, and numerous pairs of Caterpillar work boots. It has also inspired her to devote her life to mak­ing science more inclusive and accessible. Ms. Adventure skillfully blends personal memoir, daring adventure, scientific exploration, and girl power, following Phoenix's journey from jungles to glaciers, university classrooms to television studios, and even to the side of the world's largest volcano, where she fixes a tire with a ballpoint pen, bubblegum, and duct tape. Readers will delight in her unbelievable adventures, all embarked on for the love of science.

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ISBN: 9781665048132
ISBN-10: 1665048131
Publisher: Timber Press (OR)
Publication Date: April 13th, 2021
Language: English