Putin and the Return of History: How the Kremlin Rekindled the Cold War (Hardcover)

Putin and the Return of History: How the Kremlin Rekindled the Cold War By Martin Sixsmith, Daniel Sixsmith (With) Cover Image
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An original history of Russia's thousand-year past, tracing the forces and the myths that have shaped Putin's politics and rekindled the Cold War.

Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine has reshaped history. In the decades after the collapse of Soviet communism, the West convinced itself that liberal democracy would henceforth be the dominant, ultimately unique, system of governance - a hubris that shaped how the West would treat Russia for the next two decades. But history wasn't over.

Putin is a paradox. In the early years of his presidency, he appeared to commit himself to friendship with the West, suggesting that Russia could join the European Union or even NATO. He said he supported free-market democracy and civil rights. But the Putin of those years is unrecognisable today. The Putin of the 2020s is an autocratic nationalist, dedicated to repression at home and anti-Western militarism abroad. So, what happened? Was he lying when he proclaimed his support for freedom, democracy and friendship with the West? Or, was he sincere? Did he change his views at some stage between then and now? And if that is the case, what happened to change him?

Putin and the Return of History examines these questions in the context of Russia's thousand-year past, tracing the forces and the myths that have shaped Putin's politics of aggression: the enduring terror of encirclement by outsiders, the subjugation of the individual to the cause of the state, the collectivist values that allow the sacrifice of human lives in battle, the willingness to lie and deceive, the co-opting of religion and the belief in Great Russia's mission to change the world.

About the Author

MARTIN SIXSMITH is a bestselling author, television and radio presenter and journalist. He was the BBC's correspondent in Moscow, Washington and Warsaw and a Communications Director for the British government. His work on Russia includes the 2011 history Russia: a 1000-Year Chronicle of the Wild East, Putin's Oil in 2012 and the 2019 novel An Unquiet Heart.
Having completed degrees in History and Russian Studies, DANIEL SIXSMITH worked as an archaeologist in Siberia and Kazakhstan before turning to historical research and writing. He contributed to the BBC Radio 4 series Russia: The Wild East, and co-authored The War of Nerves: Inside the Cold War Mind, which was short-listed for the PEN/John Kenneth Galbraith Award for Non-fiction in 2023.

Praise For…

“Clear, lively, and not afraid to be controversial: a stimulating anatomisation of Russia's poisonous relationship with the West, Ukraine, and its own dark past.” —Anna Reid, author of Borderland: A Journey through the History of Ukraine and A Dirty Little War

“This is a very important account of the build-up to Russia's invasions of Ukrainian territory. Most books and articles on the Russia-Ukraine war are very one-sided; the great merit of this book is that the Sixsmiths take a long historical perspective and enable the reader to appreciate the aspirations of both sides. The authors focus on the defects of Western societies as well as on those of Russia. This is a study that needs to be taken into account when we try to understand the lessons of the war.” —Geoffrey Hosking, Emeritus Professor of Russian History, University College London

“A fascinating and highly readable account of the background to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, informed by Martin Sixsmith's long involvement with the region since his days as a BBC correspondent covering the last days of the Soviet Union.” —Peter Conradi, author of Who Lost Russia? From the Collapse of the USSR to Putin's War on Ukraine

A tremendous study of how Putin has tragically manipulated national myths for personal gain and revanchist patriotism.” —Starred Review, Kirkus Review

“Show how misinterpretations, missteps, and misunderstandings contributed to the present state of affairs.” —Diplomatic Courier

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Publication Date: March 19th, 2024
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