Europe's Future: The Grand Alternatives (Paperback)

Europe's Future: The Grand Alternatives By David P. Calleo, David P. Calleo (Preface by) Cover Image
By David P. Calleo, David P. Calleo (Preface by)
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“A penetrating, realistic, and farsighted analysis of the prospects for an integrated Europe, with a close and fresh look at the changing relationship between Western Europe and the United States. A timely corrective to easy assumptions of the ‘automatic’ progress of European integration and Atlantic Community.” —Philip E. Mosely, Director of the European Institute of Columbia University

Europe’s Future analyzes Europe’s struggle to forge a new political community to deal with itself, the United States, Russia, and the world at large. It is a penetrating assessment of the conflicting ideals, motives, and programs that are causing the present turmoil in the Atlantic Alliance and Western Europe. David P. Calleo has distilled a long period of first-hand study and observation, during which he interviewed European political and intellectual leaders. He as cut through the slogans, clichés, and accumulated misunderstandings which have obscured the issues and hampered recent efforts to develop the new relationships and institutions. He compares the ideals of nationalism and federalism and their relation to schemes for Europe, and analyzes the Common Market, and the ideals and aims of the Eurocrats of Brussels. The author’s discussion of the philosophy and policy of General de Gaulle provides fresh perspective on de Gaulle’s role in modern Europe.

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