Additional concerns?

We are aware that this pandemic affects different groups of the population more acutely, in a variety of ways, and that for some people, browsing or in-store pickup may not be an option. For anyone who has additional health concerns, for any reason: we see you! It is our goal to assist each of our customers and community members to the best of our ability.

If you're shopping remotely and concerned about the safety precautions we're taking with our inventory, know that our staff sanitize their hands regularly and maintain CDC-recommended hand and sanitation protocol. Items held for customers shopping online or by phone are drawn from backstock or overstock whenever possible, which are not readily accessible to customers. Items held to be mailed/delivered are also touched as little as possible, and are bagged or boxed as soon as the order is completed. Once an item is bagged/boxed, it does not get touched until the customer opens the bag upon reception. Customers are free to wait for as long as they feel necessary before picking up their orders (current CDC guidance states that COVID can live up to 3 days on surfaces and up to 24 hours on paper/cardboard). We are happy to provide any additional sanitation of orders upon request if needed. Please indicate this in the comments of your order if you’re shopping online, or if it’s over the phone, simply ask.

For anyone who is uncomfortable with coming to the door for pickup during in-store browsing hours, we are still happy to carry books to your car and place them in your trunk or backseat- just call us and let us know when you are outside, and describe the make and color of your vehicle.  Otherwise, we continue to offer shipping and local deliveries.